Custom curated Monthly Subscriptions. Hand picked and occasionally personalized or monogram items in a gift box each month with our Monthly Subscriptions.

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Posh Paper Crate


We’re thrilled to introduce to you Busy Bee Gift’s newest and most exciting, exclusive, carefully curated, perfectly packaged… (are you feeling special yet?!)… Posh Paper Crate! It is a monthly stationery subscription.

So, what’s the nitty gritty, logistical down-low? This will include all things paper from notepads, notecards, file folders, enclosure cards, gift tags, and some additional surprises every month!  The surprises may be stickers or our favorite desk accessories!  $18 per month which includes shipping!

I’m in! I’m in! And can’t wait!  How do I sign up? It’s simple!  Visit our website to sign up –

We hope our enthusiasm oozes off this web page!  We just can’t wait to ship the first full boxes to the week of May 1st.  Mark your calendars now!  You’re not going to want to miss out on the fun!

With our kindness is contagious initiative, we pledge to give a percentage of our proceeds from this product to a selected charity each year, and share kindness as we go through our daily routines. This year we are choosing the USO.

Our crate will ship by the 5th of each month! It will be open for new subscriptions from the 5th to the 25th.  You can order for just one month, four months or a full year.

We think this would make pretty awesome gift to a friend.

You can cancel at any time – just email us

Confetti Crate – a monthly subscription crate


High Quality Monogrammed Stationery Subscription Box

Throw confetti around like it’s a party!  And subscribing to our monthly subscription box will make it feel like a party when your crate is received.  It will include a variety of curated gifts, party items, housewares and monogrammed or personalized stationery. If there is a holiday in the month – the crate will be themed around that.  If there are 2 holidays in the month then we will give you an option to choose which holiday you would like to throw confetti at!

Just remember the Confetti Crate is an exclusive crate with limited availability.

There are 4 different purchasing options

  1. Purchase it just this month and try it out.  Love our confetti come back and subscribe to the year.
  2. Purchase it for just 4 months – choose your months
  3. Purchase it for all 12 months

Billing will occur on the 5th of the month for all subscriptions.  The price varies based on how many months you commit to – the 12 month will save you the most! If you purchase all 12 months then we will throw confetti a little more in your birthday month!

Confetti Crates purchased between the 5th and 25th of the month will start the following month. Confetti Crates purchased after the 25th and before the 5th will start immediately.

Confetti Crates can be cancelled at any time via email to – the email should include original order number and name on the order.

Cup of Confetti Monthly Subscription


Coffee Cup Monthly Subscription

We are so excited to introduce our newest confetti throw or monthly subscription!  It’s a CUP OF CONFETTI! Yes a monthly subscription to some fun hot drink cups just in time for Pumpkin Spice Latte Season!

$15 shipping included

It will be billed the first of the month.

Everything will ship the 2nd of the month!